Ispring RCC7 Review

My eldest son is an electronic engineer, and so he is well conversant with almost every electronic device you can think of.  Last summer, he decided to bring us a brand new Ispring RCC7.

He had heard that we were having a problem with our water filtration system, and he wanted us to have something modern and more efficient. Let me say that since that day, we’ve had a beautiful life with our state of the art I spring RCC7

It features almost everything you’d want in a water filtration system for your home. This device features a five-step filtration system for extra pure water quality.

On top of that, there is a 75-gallon storage tank which should be enough storage of clean, safe water for use. It has proven how backward our previous system was. Now we drink clean water at a very reduced cost.

Under Sink Design

As is common with most other RO systems, the RCC7 is designed to fit under the sink. It can, however, be fitted in other places as well, the basement for instance for easier access or any other reason might deem fitting.

Once fitted it guarantees approximately 75 gallons of purified water per day at 60 psi. Of course, exact figures will vary depending on the user’s water pressure and temperature.

Ispring RCC7 review

Five-Stage Filtration System

I was curious about the working of the five-stage filtration system, and I wasn’t disappointed. The membrane in the RCC7 is a TFC 0.0001 micron reverse membrane.

This means that there had to be a carbon prefilter before the water got to the membrane. This pre-filter was present as well as other filtration systems that worked extremely well to ensure clean water in the end.

Different Kinds of Impurities Filtered Out

RCC7 is a true wonder. Given its five-stage filtration system, a user should expect that almost all of the impurities present in water are being dealt with.

From lead to arsenic which is usually quite hard to filter out, to easier contaminants to filter out such as dust and odors it works well to give a consumer safe water.

Certified Components

I’m always vigilant when it comes to all products I use. I usually want that they met the standards set by bodies that regulate their use. Higher standards, of course, translate to safety and reliability.

When I first got my hands on the RCC7, therefore, the first thing I did was check its compliance with NFS. I am happy to tell all users that all components which touch the water in the RCC7 are NFS certified.

Automated Shut-Off Valve

The upgrades in 2014 brought this one feature among many others to the RCC7. The valve will prevent the flow of water when the tank is full thus preventing inconveniences.

I particularly find this feature very helpful. I keep forgetting whenever I leave the water filtration system on, and lots of water would go to waste if there was no automatic shut off valve.

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  • Good value for money. It is one of the cheapest RO systems in the market
  • A better-designed faucet compared to the 2010 model
  • The high daily output of 75 gallons
  • One year warranty and lifetime customer support
  • Easy installation process-All you require is a few basic tools and the manual


  • Has shorter filter life compared to other RO systems

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the RCC7 guarantee the removal of disease-causing microorganisms?

A: Apart from the purifying water of such impurities like heavy metals, the RCC7 also ensures that organisms such as bacteria and parasites are filtered out of the water.

Q: How can I improve the functioning in areas where water pressure is low?

A: In areas of low pressure one can fit a pump to the system to improve the pressure of water coming out of the system.

Q: What other upgrades does it offer in comparison to the 2010 model?

A: The RCC7 in addition to its other upgrades also comes with an alarm that sounds when there is a leak.

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Final Verdict

Due to its reasonable cost, I would highly recommend the RCC7. It will do its job just as well as all other RO filters in the market.

There are a few niggles and downsides, of course, the filter doesn’t last as long, and sometimes water pressure may be an issue, but this device beats expectations.

If a buyer has any issues, there is a helpline that offers useful information. It is a good water filter system to have.

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