Hydrotech 4VTFC50G Review

When looking for a reverse osmosis system for your home, the Hydrotech 50G is an option well worth considering.  

The system is a four-stage unit that will ensure that the water coming from your tap will be free of pathogens, organic, pesticides, any dissolved solids, and VOC (volatile organic compound).

In today’s world, we have found out, in a relatively short period of time, that how fast can things change. 

The coronavirus changed how we shop. We learned that access to the bottled water we have been used to picking up on a daily basis may not be as readily available. Some limits may be placed as well on the amount we can purchase.

It is a wise decision to safeguard your access to clean, safe water with a reverse osmosis system. 

The Hydrotech 4VTFC50G will provide a convenient and economical solution from its own dedicated faucet. 

This 4-stage reverse osmosis system will produce up to 50 gallons of pure, clean drinking water per day.  

Water Quality Monitoring

The Hydrotech features push button Smartap technology that monitors the performance of the membrane. 

This feature will let you easily check the membrane to ensure that you are receiving the optimal filtration. 

If there is any problem with the membrane, the information is immediately relayed to you so you can take the appropriate measure to fix it. 


This water purifier uses two kinds of pre-filters to ensure maximum water purity. First there is a dedicated basic sediment filter for larger particles. 

The second is a pre-activated carbon filter for chlorine and other contaminants that might give the water a bad taste. These pre-filters are applied to the water before the actual filtration stage.

A post-carbon filter and automatic shut off, a chrome air gap faucet and a metal storage tank round out this unit. 

Filters will last 6 to 12 months, depending on your usage.

Hydrotech 4VTFC50G Review

Long-Lasting RO Membrane

The Hydrotech 4VTFC50G features a thin film composite membrane. that is long-lasting. Replacement varies every two to five years, depending on how much you use your system. 

This reverse osmosis water purification system combines mechanical filtration with reverse osmosis technology. Thus, you’ll enjoy superior water treatment in point-of-use applications. 

The Hydrotech 4VTFC50G can supply your family with the clean water needed for both drinking and cooking. 50 gallons per day (GPD).


This reverse osmosis system includes ⅜” outlet tubing that runs to the faucet and delivers a higher flow. 

The quick connect fittings and color-coded tubing is designed to make for an easier installation and any needed servicing. 

All Hydrotech systems are backed by a two year limited warranty from the manufacturer. 

At 21 pounds, the Hydrotech weighs less than many other units on the market. 

The system comes with instructions and the majority of purchasers were able to install the system themselves.


  • Color-coded tubing for easy to installation
  • 3/8″ tubing for higher water flow speeds
  • All systems have a two-year warranty
  • Combines both mechanical filtration and reverse osmosis for high-quality water
  • Can fit under the sink


  • You may need to add minerals back into the water

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many gallons of water can it provide in a day?

A: This unit will produce 50 gallons of clean, pure water.

Q: Do the pre-filters last as long as the main filter?

A: As with all reverse osmosis systems, the pre-filters will need to be changed more frequently than the main membrane.

Q: Do I need to add minerals to the water?

A: All effective reverse osmosis water filtration systems remove all unwanted chemicals and pollutants from the water being filtered. 

In the process minerals,  like calcium, that your body uses is also removed from the water. 

Some units come with a filter that adds minerals back into the water, or you can simply purchase mineral drops and add them to the water yourself.

In Conclusion

We know that water is one of the most important commodities in our life. It is better not to rely on treatment facilities to deliver pure,clean water to our houses, but to provide that peace of mind for ourselves.

Having your own reverse osmosis water filtration system to provide the clean water we need for yourself and your family assures you that the water you need for a healthy life is as near as your tap.

The Hydrotech 4VTFC50G is a system that you can install yourself and have the drinking and cooking needs for your family at your fingertips. 

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