Home Master TMHP Review

The quality of water in the modern age is a matter of pressing concern. Waterborne diseases caused by bacteria lead to hefty medical bills, and dirty water can also have effects on the skin. This is why we do a review on Home Master TMHP.

Getting clean water is harder and harder, and using bottled water does prove expensive in the long run. In light of all this there is only one solution that offers hope: water filtering system and particularly a reverse osmosis filtering system that can ensure your water is clean and fresh.

Most systems, however, do much less than they promise. The addition of minerals is especially concerning; as the origin of these minerals is unknown and they may have adverse effects on health.

So when it comes to RO water purifiers, nothing beats the TMHP. I bought this system to avoid the hefty cost of using bottled water, but I got more than I bargained for in return.


The filters in the Home Master TMHP have two things going for them. One is that they last for an unbelievably long time.

By the look of things, I’m 100 percent sure that I’ll have more than a year of use with them before needing anything like a replacement. The second positive have to do with this replacement. It is one of the easiest processes of all time.

Nine-Stage Purification

Unlike other purifiers, the Home Master TMHP employs more stages of filtration, nine to be exact. All these stages work at removing specific contaminants from water.

The pre-filters deal with chlorine and sediments (which include sand and other foreign particles) and bad taste. The actual filter removes all other undesirable minerals, and the post filters do final filtration in case anything is left out.Home Master TMHP review

Canister Replacement

When I realized that in most purifiers you can change the filters, but you can’t change the canisters, I knew Home Master TMHP was special since its canister are replaceable.

The TMHP solves this particular problem. Here, the design is such that the canister can be taken out without damaging the system. Such a modular design ensures maximum quality of water.

UV Filtration

In addition to all the filters available, there is also a UV filter that uses electromagnetic rays to kill microorganisms in water thus ensuring that your water is safer.

Use of these rays does not affect quality and taste of water. In fact, I realized that the water was even more delicious and smother. Overall, around 98 percent of contaminants will have been removed by the end of the process.

Faster Flow Rate

The tubing in the TMHP is larger. This means that more water flows through the system. When I need a glass of water, I don’t wait for long for it to fill up.

The water flows fast and fills the glass faster that most water purifiers can achieve. It’s much better and faster than all the water purifiers I’ve had before. That is how it’s a time saver too.


  • Less wastage of water
  • Allows for sink fitting for even easier use
  • Boasts an impressive 9 stage filtration system
  • Added purity provided by UV purification
  • Color coded tubing for easier installation


  • Noisy while functioning- Can be a bit of a nuisance at times

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is the UV System permanently fitted on the setup

A: No. The UV System is easy to install with the system at will, and also unfitted when not in use.

Q: Does it reduce storage tank degeneration?

A: Yes, there are features in place that help check on the degeneration of the tank.

Q: What is the waste pure water ratio?

A: The waste pure water ratio is an impressive 1:1. This means that the system conserves water.

Final Verdict:

Despite the cost, you can’t go wrong with this system. I have personally fitted it and from what I can tell of its features, it would be a fantastic piece of equipment for anyone.

They have excellent customer service for when you are installing the system and the usual one-year warranty. Water quality is assured, and some of the common problems of filtration systems such as slightly acidic water are taken care of here.

It is worth having. It offers exceptional performance, but this is something you should expect given all the features it has that aim at purifying your water.

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