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Hello, and Welcome!  We are an information website that provides guidance on the Reverse Osmosis Systems that are available on the market today. 

It is our goal to provide the best and most accurate product reviews to enable you to make an educated, informed decision when purchasing a Reverse Osmosis System.

Here at Reverse Osmosis System, we are passionate about water! We believe that water is essential to living a healthy life. 

We all know that water can be found in most places on earth. It is in the frozen glaciers and the steam of a geyser.

It is also true that wherever there is water, there is also life. Even in the aridest of deserts, if there is any water at all, there will be microbes that have found a way to live there.

Our own National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) long ago recognized this fact. 

In conducting scientific research and in the exploration for extraterrestrial life, NASA has operated on the motto: “Follow the water.”

So we know without a shadow of a doubt that water supports life. We also know that it is essential that we consume water each and every day.  None of that is in dispute.

Why Reverse Osmosis System

While that fact that water is life is not in dispute, the safety of the water we use every day often is. 

If you live in an area whose tap water comes from a regulated water system, you are dependent on those in charge to make sure that the water is clean and safe.

Unfortunately, in places like Flint, Michigan, we have learned that it is not always the case that those in charge will consider safety first.

In rural areas where tap water comes from a well, runoff contaminants and acid rain can impact the water sources.

In the United States, a lot of the infrastructure for our drinking water is ancient. In our seat of government, the District of Columbia, the pipes bringing water to the tap predates the Civil War.

As the expense of updating would be enormous, the infrastructure remains the same.

We feel strongly that if it is possible to reduce our reliance on others for the safety of our water supply, we should do so.

Making sure that the water we ingest and cook with is as pure and safe as possible is feasible with a Reverse Osmosis System.

We will bring you what we have learned as we review various products and publish our findings on this site. 

We want to safeguard our health and the health of those we love. We also hope to give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing the water flowing from your tap is as safe and pure as possible.

Best regards,
Rosystemguide Team