APEC RO-90 Review

My previous water purifier was APEC-90 and I only changed brands because I wanted to try something smaller after my grandchildren moved out. It seems I’m about to buy another APEC-90 to replace my current machine now that my grandchildren are moving back in next month.

Since I changed brands, my drinking water has never tasted better than it used to when I had the APEC-90, not even close. With the ability to filter up to 90 gallons of water per day, APEC RO-90 is the ultimate large-scale water filter ideal for larger communities such as municipalities or really big families like mine.

The filters it has are high-capacity filters. This means that at any time there will be a very high flow rate and hence the speed of filtering will be more. In fact, this model filters twice as fast as your standard water purifier.APEC RO-90 review


Five stage filtration system

Unlike other similar devices in the market, the RO-90 is designed on a five-stage filtration system. The most natural assumption is to dismiss it as of lower quality than those other water purifiers, but this would be folly indeed. Due to the high standard of design, this water purifier offers as much value as any other in the market.

High Quality Filters

The filters used in this purifier are custom-made by APEC, they are not standard issue filters. APEC takes great pains to ensure that these filters are superior to the more regular filters. Quality tests are carried out, and the filters are made of high-quality material so quality is assured. Due to this performance and life span of the filters are very good.

Polypropylene fittings

The APEC RO-90 has, as additional, JOFN Guest polypropylene fittings. These fittings do not come in the body of the purifier but can be fitted afterward according to individual tastes. They do no harm to the water already purified, and their installation is a minor affair requiring little time and effort.


Upgrades are abundant in the RO-90. There’s a 14-gallon holding tank that comes in handy for larger homes and the quick dispense feature which is used when a user wants faster flow rates. An ice maker kit for a little sum of $ 12 from APEC themselves. All these and more are standard upgrades on the RO-90. It is hoped that these upgrades will lead to better functioning of the device.

Ultra Violet Purification

In addition to the upgrades mentioned above APEC also offer additional purification through a UV light system. The UV purification just works to ensure that an even greater percentage of impurities and microorganisms have been dealt with. There are three different variations of this ultraviolet system and all are reasonably priced.

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  • A number of truly essential upgrades for instance the UV system.
  • Buying one makes one qualified for the APEC referral program.
  • Detailed installation manual to guide you through installation.
  • High quality components which make for a long lasting machine.
  • Presence of a fully automated system that serves with minimum fuss.


  • It is pretty costly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Does it come with professional installation?

A: The system is designed in a DIY manner. The process of installation is well detailed in the manual and a user should be able to follow these instructions comfortably. In case of any difficulties, there are helpline numbers you can call.

Q: How often do the filters need replacing?

The filters can provide service for a full year before they require replacing.

Q: How much wastewater is released?

A: For every one gallon of water Three gallons are needed to wash out the contaminants. This is admittedly a severe downside given that there are areas where there is a scarcity of water.

Final Verdict:

The RO-90 is a solid addition to the APEC family of filters. It is made in the USA which assures a level of quality above the rest. It is also guaranteed fresh water for drinking and other purposes right from your kitchen tap.

Very easy to install and once installed you will say goodbye to bottled water and all the environmental problems that come with it. The system is designed with durability in mind and is able to survive for a number of years without the user being worried about wear and tear.

It is a system I would recommend to any prospective buyer. It will offer real value though the price may be a bit stiff.

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