GE GXRM10RBL Reverse Osmosis Filtration System Review

We have been using bottled water from I don’t know when until my wife came up with a perfect idea. One day when I returned home from work, I found her sitting on the couch, doing some calculations on a piece of paper.

My wife is one hell of a strategist, and that evening, I knew she had some excellent idea about something. I just didn’t know what it was.

When she invited me to sit next to her, she showed me from her calculations on paper how much we were wasting on the expensive bottled water. She had a solution to the ‘problem’. The GE GXRM10RBL Reverse Osmosis filtration system is what she had in mind.

She had researched in depth on the product, and she knew it was the one. I loved the idea, then I bought the product, and voila. Our water now tastes much better than anything we have ever known, trust me.

Reverse Osmosis Filtration

The first and rather an obvious feature is the reverse osmosis procedure that it uses to filter water. The majority of water filters use this procedure, but the difference depends on how you use the membrane.

This product uses a dedicated TFC membrane that lasts long but also more crucially offers contaminant removal powers that are unrivaled. In addition to the primary filter the pre and post filters are also top notch ensuring only the best quality of water.

Plastic System

Almost the whole system is made of plastic. There’re downside and upside to this. The downside is that the system tends to break down often, which is nothing compared to the upside.

The upside is that plastic means the system is lead-free. Lead is a major contaminant that should be kept far away from water. Overall I think the plastic design is better for the system.GE GXRM10RBL Reverse Osmosis Filtration System Review

Easily Replaceable Filters

It is an advantage to have a water purifier with easily replaceable filters. I haven’t replaced the filters yet, but the structure is simple, and I can see how easy it is to handle. This is helpful in that I won’t need an expert to do even the most basic repairs and replacements since I can just do them myself.

Specially Designed Faucet

The faucet of this unit is designed with another material other than plastic. It is well designed to prevent overflow of water while allowing the adequate pressure of water out for your uses. The faucet also comes with an LED light that warns the user when the time for replacing filters has come.

Low filter rate

Though this Reverse Osmosis filtration system has a low filter rate, the result is appreciable. It performs well regarding the quality of water produced. I don’t know if the company was aware of what it was doing, but it seems they cared so much about quality than quantity. The water might be coming out slow, but when it’s finally filtered, you will have the cleanest and the best water you can ever have.


  • Easy installation
  • Cheaper than most other brands in the market
  • Can fit under the sink so is extra compact
  • Custom made faucet with LED alert system.
  • Easily replaceable filters


  • Slow and wasteful

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is the storage tank also made of plastic?

A: Yes the storage tank is also made of plastic which is a better material than metal.

Q: How many contaminants is it able to remove?

A: Official figures state 21, another figure far less than that of its competition.

Q: Can the system be fitted without aid from a plumber.

A: As I have said before installation is very easy. Following the manual should get you set up and running in around an hour, which is standard time for installation of most water filters.

Final Verdict:

Of all the Reverse Osmosis filtration systems I’ve tried my hands on, this is by far the best. It functions smoothly, and can be trusted to produce healthy water for home use. Everybody who has tasted my water agrees that it is delicious and refreshing.

It’s like bottled water at an extremely lower price. Though a year hasn’t passed since we acquired it, it looks strong and durable. Installation and use of this product is very easy, and you don’t need to be an expert to keep it running.

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