5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System Reviews

I currently have the 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System, and I like its performance. It is a very convenient piece of technology that anyone would be lucky to have in their home.

Reverse osmosis or hyper-filtration is a process that reduces particles down to the molecular level. In other words, this product can amazingly transform well water or city water into something better than bottled water.

The filtration rate is amazing, as well as the quality of water. If you need a water filtration system that can give you healthy water that is free from any disease-causing microorganisms, then you should be bold enough to try this one out.

Though I haven’t used mine for long, I can tell how strong and sturdy it is. It is evidently a durable machine with superior aesthetics and a simple structure that won’t give you headaches to operate. Here are more of its innovative features;

The 5 Stages

In the first stage, the sediment filter eliminates particulates down to 5 microns. In the second and third stages, carbon block filters remove all chlorine tastes and odors to make your water pure and with a refreshing taste.

At stage four the TFC membrane discards impurities down to 1/10000th of a micron to give you the safest drinking water for healthy living. Then stage five performs the final filter for enhancing the water quality and taste.

High Capacity Storage Tank:

5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System comes with a high-capacity storage tank. Compared to most water filtration systems, this is sufficient to serve a big family. My family can be at peace regarding the water they use.

There is no one time they lack clean water for any household use, and my water purifier never disappoints. This is the major reason why I prefer it to the other models that I’ve owned before.

5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System Reviews

TFC Membrane:

The TFC membrane in this water purifier is the main device that functions to ensure that water is clean. This feature ensures that you have clean, healthy water for your home, and reduces any chances of infections.

The TFC membrane is capable of rejecting impurities down 1/10000th of a micron. This is evident enough to show how powerful this system is regarding water purification. I have kids, and I’m not worried about their health anymore with this new machine.

Numerous Uses:

With this machine, you are sorted in many ways. Besides providing clean drinking water for my household, I can connect it directly to the ice maker. It also provides clean water for making tea, coffee, food preparation, juice, and much more and is, therefore, a convenient choice. This piece of technology was designed to make life better and a lot easier.

Color-Coded Tubing:

This feature is exciting. The tubing is color-coded in a surprising way. Thus, the installation process and troubleshooting will be easier. It is obvious that not everyone is a plumber, and we’d find it tricky to install some things.

That is why everything has been made easier for you in this water purification system. Being wrong with the installation is difficult.


  • Easy to install and maintain
  • It is durable
  • High capacity water tanks
  • Beautiful design
  • High performance


  • Require lots of installations

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are the filters of trustable quality?

A: 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System has supreme quality filters and comes with an extra set of high-quality filters for replacement.

Q: How easy is it to get its parts?

A: All replacement parts of this machine are industry standard and universal for consumer security.

Q: What is the capacity of its storage tank?

A: The storage tank can hold 11.4 liters or 3 gallons.

Final Verdict:

Since I started using this product, getting freshwater has never been easier. The Express water reverse osmosis technology filter system offers solutions for water purification at a reasonable price but does not sacrifice at all on quality.

Every aspect of Express water Productions is geared towards perfection. This RO system has been made specifically to be on the same page with industry standards. The packaging for the delivery of one of these gadgets is simple and sensible. An installation manual accompanies a delivered package.

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