Express Water 5 Stage Home Drinking RO System

There are very few water purifiers that can hold a candle to this queen of water purifiers so to speak. But the 5 stage home drinking RO System from Express Water is just amazing.

Experience, however, has taught me otherwise. This system is an RO system. RO means that it uses reverse osmosis to filter water. If there’s one thing I can confidently say, it is that the Express water 5 stage home drinking RO System was designed with high standards.

Adherence to industry standards is non-negotiable. The product, therefore, comes out of the production line in as perfect condition as can be.

No doubt you may have a couple of questions about all I’ve just said, and perhaps you want to get more about this purifying system. Read on. A quick study of its features should paint a much clearer picture.

Excellent water quality

On testing the purified water, I found out that the PPM (which is a measure of water purity) had dropped from 200+ to below 100+ and in some cases even as low as below 10+. This is enough proof that this purifier does its job effectively.

Standard Quality Replacements

In the box containing all the components of this system, there is another pair of industry-standard filters. These filters will come in handy when the original pair isn’t functioning optimally.

Replacements for other components are not in the box, but still, they are all industry standards. If any part of the purifier should, unfortunately, malfunction, you need not panic.

Express water 5 stage home drinking RO System Review

Five-Stage Filtration

This product offers a classic five-stage filtration system. With the pre-filter, it filters sediments and large particles.

This takes place in the first and second stages and is known as pre-filtration. The third stage involves more filtration. Here chlorine which would damage the main filter if not removed is dealt with.

The main filtration takes place at the penultimate stage; then the water goes through a fifth and final filter, which gives it final touches so to speak. Any contaminants which may have been missed are dealt with here, and the water is stabilized.

Lead-Free System

The effects of lead, particularly on children, are well documented. Any system such as this, therefore, that uses lead in any of its components is surely putting a lot of people at risk.

Thankfully, there’s no lead here. So you can take your water without fear of poisonous influence from lead.

1-year warranty and satisfaction are guaranteed. The Express system comes with an assurance of guarantee for one year.

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  • Replacements of damaged parts are industry standard.
  • Filter replacements come with the system when you first buy it.
  • The manufacturing process is with no lead components
  • A storage tank of adequate size for storing filtered water
  • Long-lasting filters


  • Installation might be a bit of an issue. An inexperienced buyer may need help from a plumber to figure out some things.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often must the filters be changed?

A: The filters with this model last reasonably well but even then a change every six to nine months is usually in order.

Q: Can the system function without a tank?

A: No. This system requires a storage tank if it is to function. Without it, there will be no place to store the water.

Q: What is the required water pressure level for optimum functioning?

A: Pressure must be between 8 to 10 pounds psi for the system to function.

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Final Verdict

In general, Express water 5 stage home drinking RO System has a very good reputation when it comes to this product. Their customer service is excellent; they always are available if you need anything especially with the installation.

The whole purification process offers spectacular results, to say the least, and the cost is friendly to the pocket. If you don’t mind the lack of demineralization capabilities, then this water purification system is for you.

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