APEC Water System ROES-PH75 Review

If you are searching for an RO system that offers fresh odorless water for all sorts of uses around the house, then look no further than the APEC Water System ROES-PH75.

A friend recommended this system to me when my previous one broke down, and I’ve never desired anything else since I bought it a few months ago.

This piece of machinery is designed by APEC water systems and comes with an option to add calcium water to enhance the taste for people who prefer their water to be more on the alkaline side.

It will keep you away from bottled water while also guaranteeing safe water free from as many as 40 different contaminants, and odors or other kinds of unpleasantness.

Customer support and warranty are a given. Whenever you seek information from APEC, the response is swift and worthy.

Water pH Enhancement

The APEC Water Systems ROES-PH75 can enhance the pH of drinking water by adding calcium carbonate. This calcium carbonate is pure unlike that of other water purifying systems whose origins are unclear, and could even be harmful to health.

Water that has been mineralized so to speak does have better taste and is also better for health. A lot of people like their water this way.

High Flow Rate, And No Wait Time

Featuring 75 gallons per day high flow membrane, the PH75 that you will not have to wait for your drinking water. While most other RO systems require that a user waits for the filtering process to be complete, the PH75 has high flow filters and tubing for efficiency in the provision of drinking water.

Environmentally Friendly Design

APEC Water System ROES-PH75 is designed in a way that minimizes hazardous effects on the environment. There are mechanisms for water-saving such as the water, which do not go to waste.

Some of these mechanisms include a low rinse water ratio and an automatic shut-off feature which comes into play when full tank capacity has been achieved.

Solid Block Filters

The filters in the PH75 are designed to surpass those of ordinary water purifiers. They are super capacity and solid block hence ensuring the delivery of two times contaminant removing power and fewer instances of changing filters as compared to lower capacity filters that clog up fast.

Certified Components

Every part of this machine meets the rigorous standards of the NSF to ensure quality. The calcium used is FDA-approved as a food-grade additive. This means that you have to worry less about the safety of your water or the reliability of the machine. Everything is in order.

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  • Long filter life due to special design technology
  • Quality control process during design to ensure no loopholes are missed
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Parts used are standard ensuring that replacement is easy and cost-effective.
  • A referral program that pays very well


  • The faucet looks and feels fragile

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the maximum feed temperatures and water pressure?

A: The PH75 can take the input pressure of water up to 85 psi. That’s a pretty high figure. As to water temperature values of up to 100 degrees can be tolerated. This removes a lot of inconveniences when one wants to purify hot water.

Q: How many filters does the device have?

A: Most other filtering systems have just five filtering levels. This system goes further with the sixth level of purification added to make for even purer water.

Q: Does this RO filter have UV filters?

A: The APEC Water System ROES-PH75 does not have UV filters. We believe in the ability of our six-level filtering system to purify water perfectly and offer clean and safe without needing to worry about UV systems. However, in future designs, UV capabilities could be added to the device.

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Final Verdict

APEC water systems are known for their high quality, and the PH75 is no exception. It comes equipped with standard features, can withstand a wide range of temperatures and extremely low water pressure.

The calcium carbonate provided for alkalization of the water has been vetted and found to be consumer-friendly. In addition to all this, it can fit under a kitchen sink and provide 75 gallons of clean water daily. Disease-causing germs are not forgotten.

The filter works to remove even these leaving your water fresh and clean. This water purifier is the one to have. It has lots of features, and it is durable and will last for a long. Go out and get yourself one.

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