Best 2023 Water Filters For Drinking Water – Guide & Review

Best 2023 Water Filters For Drinking Water – Guide & Review

There are several water filters for drinking water in the market, but not all of them can be trusted. Some promise heaven but doesn’t deliver it.

Finding out whether you need a water filtration system or which system can best suit you and your household are two vital things.

We’ve used several models of water filters for drinking water, and we are here to present some of the best products you can find on the market today. Discussed below are some of the best water filters for drinking water.

How to Choose The Best Water Filters For Drinking Water

Purchasing the best water filters for drinking is not different from the purchase of other products. Therefore, there are some important things that you should consider before spending your money on any product.

Output or Flow Rate

First of all, it is vital to identify what speed of water filtration is perfect for you. How first do you want your water to be filtered?

The output or flow rate differs, and you can choose from a variety of speed and output. Purifiers or filters that promise a flow rate greater than one liter per minute are quite speedy. There are those with a speed of more than 2 liters per minute.

Weight and Size

The weight and size that best suits your needs are well known to you. Water filters come in different shapes, sizes, and weights.

This gives you a choice to only buy what will serve you best, without unnecessary costs or expose you to a lack of enough drinking water. Some are too bulky for smaller households, while others are too small for offices.

Ease of Use/Convenience

Water filters for drinking water vary a lot in the level of ease of use. Some are complex to use, while others are easy to use.

They also vary in the level of convenience. Can you depend on it to give you what you want when you want it? That is why you need to research extensively to know how convenient the machine is before you buy it.


Many devices use filtering media, which can be cleaned in the field. That is very helpful, especially if the water being treated contains silt or grit.

When the device is running slow or is becoming hard to pump, the cleanable models can be disassembled so that the cartridges can be brushed or wiped clean.

Other Considerations

  • Pore size
  • Durability or longevity
  • Quality of taste
water filter with 3 filers and a

Recommended Best Water Filters For Drinking Water

Filters for drinking water need to be extra sensitive. Drinking water needs to be expertly filtered but also needs to have additional minerals like magnesium which are beneficial for health.

The filters below all come with an expert recommendation to provide you with the best service and ensure that your drinking water is super clean.

1. Brita Water Filter Pitcher

Editor Rating:

This is a quality filter that is assured of providing long and excellent service to its users. Its features reflect the attention to detail that the manufacturers put in. It is easily one of the best water filters around.

Mineral Addition

Apart from just filtering water the filter also adds essential minerals such as calcium and magnesium to the water, to improve taste and also for health purposes. In this, it is unlike other filters that leave water bare and almost useless.

Combination of Filtration Methods

The system doesn’t just use one kind of filtration but more than three to ensure that your water is sufficiently filtered. This is important because rarely is it the case that one filtration method will work, but a combination can always be guaranteed to work.


The System is eco-friendly. What this means is that it is made using parts that will not lead to pollution of the environment. And it also saves users the need to use bottled water which leads to pollution if the environment.

Long Filter Life Span

The BPA-free water pitcher is easy to fill, fits in most fridges, and can hold 10 cups of water, enough to fill 3 24-ounce reusable water bottles. Reduces 99% lead, chlorine (taste and odor), Cadmium, Mercury, Benzene, Asbestos, and more, while an electronic indicator makes filter reminders effortless

2. Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher

 Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher, white

Editor Rating:

This is a water filter system specifically designed for drinking water. It promises to deliver the highest quality water that isn’t bland or with any hidden contaminants. Its features include.

Triple Capacity Filters

The filters here have the ability to filter water thrice as much as your normal filters. This means that you get clean water as well as more water per filtration period.

Removes Wide Range of Contaminants

There are a huge number of contaminants that can and do affect water. Most of these soluble substances can be hard to remove even with a seasoned filter. However, the filters here are super endowed to be able to deal with a wide range of contaminants successfully.

Five-Stage Filtration

The filtration on this system goes through five-stages to assure you of the highest quality water even in the most extreme of circumstances.

Lifetime Guarantee

The best bit if all about this system is how the manufacturers assure you by offering a lifetime guarantee. This means that every time the device breaks down they will be there to fix it for you or offer help in any other way.

3. New Wave Enviro 10 Stage Water Filter System

New Wave Enviro 10 Stage Water Filter System

Editor Rating:

This is a system designed to fit into any small space comfortably, it also meets all the environmental standards and is made to last long due to the superior materials that it is made of. It is one of the best systems to have.

EPA Compatible

The most important thing about this filter is the fact that it is EPA compatible. EPA compatibility means that it is safe to use and will not cause harm to the environment and that once it is past its use date, it can be disposed of easily.

Quick Assembling

Most filtering systems take ages to set up because if complexities of cords and hardly readable manuals. This one is different as it offers clear guidance and makes sure that fixing your system takes the shortest time possible.

Intelligent Filtration

Intelligent filtration refers to the fact that not all minerals are stripped out of the water while filtering it. There are some minerals in water that are essential and they impart water with a taste. These minerals are left behind.

4. Clearly Filtered Clean Water Filter Pitcher

Clearly Filtered Clean Water Filter Pitcher

Editor Rating:

Water filters come in all manner of shapes and sizes. It is important that a user knows the specifics behind a particular system before using it. This system is intelligently designed to filter drinking water and offers perfect results.

90 Percent Fluoride Removal

The system targets fluoride aggressively because the health effect of fluoride ingestion is well known. By going after fluoride effects to teeth are countered, and the water is left purer. This is an amazing advantage.

Recyclable Filters

The filters do the most work in any water purifying system. As a result, replacing them is usually a hustle. The filters on this system are however recyclable giving you more easy time for use and longer periods of clean water.

Ergonomic Design

The design of this system follows all ergonomic principles closely with the result being a system that is both good-looking and perfectly functioning for the user’s pleasure. All of them will appreciate it.

5. Brita Infinity Smart Water Pitcher and 1 Filter

Brita Infinity Smart Water Pitcher and 1 Filter

Editor Rating:

Water filters are becoming more advanced by the day. It is, however, difficult to find a filter to rival this one regarding advancement. Technologically speaking it is unbeatable, but it also offers excellent functioning.

Smart Filter

The filter is enabled to use Wi-Fi. And this is a good feature a water filter system can have.

Advanced Filters

As I said above, not only is the device technologically advanced it also performs its functions at a maximum rate. The filters on this device are the best they can be to ensure perfect filtration and the cleanest water.

Great-Tasting Water

The result of perfect filters is, of course, great-tasting water. Minerals are not totally stripped out to leave the water tasteless. They are preserved even as the harmful bits are all removed to leave your water great tasting but pure as well.

Self-Replacement Filters

Filters once used can be ordered by the device itself. The device tracks use and offer options to the user to purchase new filters online through its Wi-Fi connection. This is the importance of this device is technologically advanced.

Final Words

These are the five best water filters for drinking water. With any of this in your house, you are guaranteed to have better-tasting water.

Maintenance of any of them is easy, just like it is easy to use and operate them. We’ve tested all of these machines just to make the best review. We hope you’ve enjoyed it.

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