Best Faucet Water Filter – Guide & Review

Technology and innovation are at its best right now. You can benefit from that technology to help bring the best faucet water filter in your home.

We have come to realize the importance of water filters for home use. Recent years have revealed issues with public water, such as the Flint water crisis.

They have taught us that we need to watch out for our own best interests.

There are all types of water filtration systems, and this article is going to look at the best mini water filters for your faucet.

Fortunately, with a mini water filter, there is an easy and affordable way to filter water right at the faucet in your own home.

Even if you rent an apartment, these faucet water filters are easy to install and easy to remove and take with you.

Decide beforehand what you are looking for in a faucet filter as there are many great models on the market to choose from.

How to Choose the Best Best Faucet Water Filter

For those looking forward to purchasing the best faucet water filter, the following are some important things that you should bear before buying any product.


Some faucet water filters are easier to maintain than others.

The ease of maintenance is crucial because you will have to maintain your filter now and then for it to continue working efficiently and effectively.

All of the mini water filters we review in this article do not need a plumber to install or maintain.

You will be able to do it yourself, another bonus!

Type of Attachment

All the filters we are reviewing attached to standard faucets. Manufacturers of faucet filters want to make it as easy for you as possible.

Suppose it was challenging to install or use, you are probably like most people and wouldn’t use it. Life is hectic and busy as it is, and so you need products that work for you.

All of the mini water filters reviewed here will be easy to install, use, and maintain.

Area of Use

Consider where you would like to install your filter. Again, all of the filters reviewed here to fit a standard faucet.

The most apparent faucet to place a water filtration system would be the kitchen sink. That faucet gets the most use in any house.

If you also use another faucet in your house quite frequently, like in the bathroom or laundry room, make sure before purchasing one of these systems will fit on that type of faucet.

Fortunately, technology and innovations today have made these mini water filtration systems affordable. Getting several will not break the bank!

Flow Rate

Flow rate also varies from one faucet water filter to another. You need to expect that the flow rate of cleaner water from the filter will be slower than from an unfiltered faucet.

The filter needs to do its job, and so expect, with any water filtration system, the rate of flow from the filter will be less than from an unfiltered tap but will be worth the wait.

Replacement Filter Costs

As with any filtration system, all of the systems that we review need to have the filters replaced after a certain number of gallons of water have been filtered.

The number of gallons vary by unit and are listed in the reviews. Consider that those replacement filters will cost anywhere from $10 to $30, depending on the unit you choose.

The majority of the systems we reviewed were in the $15 to $22 range per filter.

Recommended Best Faucet Water Filters

We are reviewing nine water filtration systems that will work on the faucet in your home to provide you with cleaner water.

In no particular order, these are our choices:

1. Culligan FM-15A Advanced Faucet Filter Kit

Faucet Filter for kitchen

Editor Comments:

This is one of the better systems that you can use to filter your water from the faucet.

It offers functions that can be found in more advanced devices without compromising the quality.

Light in weight and easy to install, Culligan has been in the water business for a long time.

Efficient Faucet

Compact and efficient, the Culligan FM-15A will mount directly onto your existing faucet. Not only that, but no tools are also needed to do so!

For other reasons, like getting water for cleaning or washing dishes, the system allows you to get unfiltered water.

You can switch from unfiltered to filtered easily. All you have to do is pull the water diverter valve stem for healthier and cleaner water for drinking and cooking.

Reduces Lead

This Culligan faucet filter will reduce the amount of lead coming from your faucet and reduce azine, chlorine, lindane, and particulates class 1.

The filter also reduces bad tastes and odors.

When To Change The Filter Cartridge

The filter will last up to 2 months or 200 gallons of water, depending on your usage and the water’s condition coming through the faucet.

You will know that it is time to switch filters when your water flow from the filter slows to a trickle.

That tells you that your filter has done its job and needs to be replaced. The Culligan FM-15 replacement filter will cost about $16 on Amazon.

2. Culligan FM-25 Faucet Mount Filter

Faucet Filter for kitchen, transparent

Editor Comments:

Another faucet filter from a trusted name, the Culligan FM-25 provides a DIY installation that requires no tools.

While the unit is made from plastic to be lightweight, the unit does not feel cheaply constructed.

The filter for this model has been independently tested and is the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) certified.

Contaminants Filtered

The FM-25 will filter sediments out of the water down to five microns. It will also remove up to 98.8% of lead and more than 97% of chlorine.

The Culligan FM-25 will reduce certain herbicides and insecticides like atrazine and lindane from your drinking water.

It will also reduce cryptosporidium and giardia cysts. I am unsure exactly what those are, but I can tell you that I would not want to be drinking them.

Flow Rate

The job of a water filter is to filter the water. Water going through the filter is much like it is going through an obstacle course.

That process will remove contaminants, but it also slows down the flow of water. The FM-25 has an impressive flow rate of half a gallon per minute.

This means that you can fill up an eight-ounce glass in about seven seconds. Again, filtered water is worth waiting for.

As with the Culligan FM-15, you can choose filtered or unfiltered water from the same faucet.

Filter Life

Each filter will be able to process up to 200 gallons of water before you need to replace it. For most users, that is about two months.

As with other faucet filters, you will know that it is time to change the filter when it slows down to a trickle.

Culligan M-25 replacement filters will run you about $16. Amazon has a Basic filter that is compatible with the Culligan but is $3 more. So why would you ever do that?

3. DuPont WWFM350XBN Electric Metered 200 Gallon Deluxe Water Filter

Electric faucet water filter

Editor Comments:

DuPont is an American company that was founded way back in 1802 as a gunpowder mill.

The company developed some of the innovative materials that we use every day like Teflon, mylar, dacron, and lycra.

DuPont has developed a deluxe water faucet filtration system that takes it a step further by incorporating an electronic display to show you how many gallons the filter has cleaned.

Although this model is not designed for kitchen faucets with a pull-down spray head, it will fit on most standard faucets.

Contaminants Filtered

The DuPont water filter will reduce sediment, chlorine, cysts, lindane, benzene, asbestos, mercury, and lead from your water. It will also improve the taste, odor, and clarity of your water.

Antimicrobial product protection is built into the cartridge housing for an improved filter life.

This unit has a water flow selector for filtered or unfiltered water.

A DuPont replacement filter will cost you between $15-$20.

Electronic Readout

The filter system has a digital filter meter that contains a lifetime battery. The readout will indicate the initial flush cycle and then the actual gallons that have been filtered.

View from a straight-on position, and you will take the guesswork out of knowing when to change the filter.

This will help avoid being caught short without a replacement filter when it comes time to change it.

The electronic readout will give you a heads-up, so you know you need a replacement.

Easy Installation

All you will need is a pair of pliers to install the DuPont water filter. It is always a bonus when you can do projects yourself!

The system will come with the faucet system, the filter cartridge, two faucet adapters, two washers, plumbing tape, and a lifetime battery already installed in the system.

Some users indicate that you may need alternative faucet adapters. If so, those adapters have been readily available at Home Depot or Menards.

4. PUR FM-3700 Advanced Faucet Water Filter

Pur Faucet Water Filter

Editor Comments

The Pur faucet water filter has an advanced process that includes a Mineral Clear filter. It will also remove more lead, 99%, than any other brand of a faucet water filter.

Available in the advanced and advanced plus water filter systems, the Mineral Clear filter is a bonus on the filtration system.

This filters water over natural minerals that deliver a crisp and refreshing taste.

Contaminants Removed

The Pur water faucet is certified to reduce over 70 contaminants. The Pur will remove lead, mercury, and various pesticides.

As was mentioned, it will remove more lead than other brands of water faucet filters.

Filter replacement

The Pur filter will remove more contaminants than comparable filters (as of 6/4/2020) NSF comparison.

That being said, the Pur will filter about 100 gallons of water before needing to be changed.

In comparison, it is a lower amount of water as other models will filter 200 gallons before needing replacement.

You can think of that one of two ways. Either this water faucet filter system only does half as much as others.

Or this water faucet filter does such a good job filtering water that the filter needs to be changed more often because it fills with more contaminants.

The NSF has stated that the Pur filter is the number one selling brand in faucet filtration based on 52 weeks of Nielsen sales data ending the week of 5/23/2020.

A two-pack of Pur replacement filters will cost about $22.

5. Engdenton Faucet Water Filter, Stainless Steel

Stainless faucet filter

Editor Comments

One of the Engdenton water filter features has nothing to do with filtering water, but with how the unit looks when hooked to your faucet.

The majority of other filter systems are made from plastic, as it is lightweight. The Engedenton is made of stainless steel and will blend in better with most standard faucets.

The stainless steel is also more durable and less likely to crack and create leaks.

This is a bonus for this water filter system made from a high-quality, food-grade stainless steel housing and will fit on most standard faucets.

Contaminants Removed

Using an activated carbon fiber filtration system, the Engdenton will remove dirt, sand, rust, and organics. The filter will not, however, remove total dissolved solids (TDS).

TDS is made up of inorganic salts as well as organic matter. Commonly this includes calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

While a high concentration of dissolved solids is usually not a health hazard, it is generally associated with hard water.

The Engdenton will remove almost 99% of the lead in the water along with 70 other contaminants.

Filter Replacement

This faucet filtration system uses a Post-Activated Carbon (PAC) in its filters. This filter removes the major contaminants and improves the taste of your water.

Engdenton claims that its filters have ten times the ability to filter water than other brands, and while it is NSF certified, that claim cannot be substantiated.

What is impressive is the life of the filter; you will be able to get 320 gallons or six months from the filter. Engdenton based this on using approximately two gallons a day, every day.

Engdenton replacement filters are around $25 for a pack of two filters.

Additional Feature

As with the other faucet filtration systems, the Engdenton can bypass the filter and get unfiltered water from your faucet.

This is handy if you want unfiltered water to clean or wash dishes (some of us still don’t have a dishwasher).

What is unique about the Engdeon is that it allows for the filter to be tilted to any angle and be used as a water fountain.

This will save on washing up glasses and cups and give you filtered water at the same time.

It is a fun feature that the kids are sure to like.

6. WINGSOL Faucet Water Filter Stainless-Steel

wingsol stainless faucet filter

Editor comments:

Wingsol is one of the lesser-known water faucet systems. When looking at the system, it is very close in looks and function to the Engdeonton.

Rather than plastic, the filter system is made of stainless steel. This is an important feature if you have a high water pressure system in your house.

Nearly identical in every way to the Engdenton, the Wingsol will cost you about five dollars less, which is not a significant consideration when deciding which system to get.

Looking at the reviews from customers who purchased each of the systems, the reviews were also neck and neck.

The 154 reviewers on Amazon for the Wingsol gave the product a 4.5-star rating out of 5 stars.

While there were far more reviewers for the Engdenton, the rating was still a 4.5-star rating out of 5 stars by 1275 reviewers.

Contaminants Removed

The Wingsol will reduce odor, bad taste, and chlorine. The filter will also reduce heavy metal like lead, mercury, and arsenic.

It will prevent bacteria production in the water and block contaminants over 0.1micrometer from passing through the filter.

Sand, rust, sediment, and dirt will be filtered from your water.

Filter Replacement

The Wingsol filter will need replacing after you have filtered 320 gallons of water through the system. If you use an average of two gallons a day, the filter will last you six months.

This filter system also allows you to bypass the filter for unfiltered water. It will also rotate 360 degrees to make it more convenient to fill pots for cooking or use it as a drinking faucet. A replacement filter for this unit will cost about $21.

7. RuiLing Water Faucet Filter System

faucet filter attached

Editors comments:

Another water filtration system with a quality stainless system filter casing, the RuiLing would provide leak-free performance.

An interesting feature on the RuiLing is the recommendation that you remove the filter every two weeks and clean it.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t ever need to replace the filter, but it is a suggestion to help the performance of the filter.

The RuiLing also touts that its filter system will reduce the fluoride in the filtered water to give you healthier teeth.

There is some controversy about whether fluoride in the water is a good thing or a wrong move.

Whichever side you come down on, just be aware the RuiLing will reduce fluoride in its filtered water.

Contaminants Removed

The RuiLing has a seven-layer filtration system that will effectively remove chlorine, dirt, and sand.

It will also remove chlorine, dirt, rust, and sand. It will reduce lead, fluoride (as we mentioned), iron, mercury, and arsenic.

The filter has properties that inhibit the development of bacterial growth and improve the taste of the water it filters.

Filter Replacement

Giving you about ten cups (at 7 ounces per cup) a minute, you will only need to replace your filter after 320 gallons.

That translates to anywhere from three to six months, depending on use and the type of water that you are filtering. For example, if you have especially hard water, the filter will not last as long.

The RuiLing is easy to install with no tools required to switch between filtered and unfiltered water.

Suitable for standard faucets only, the RuilLing will also rotate 360 degrees. RuiLing filter replacements are available on Amazon.

8. Mimill Faucet Water Filter

simple faucet water filter

Editor Comments:

On the economical side, the Mimill water faucet filtration system will cost you less than $25 on sale to purchase. Seeing that you will also be able to install the system yourself, it is a real bargain.

This reminds us of the saying, “you get what you pay for.”

We are not saying that the Mimill is not a quality product.

We are merely observing that when it comes to a system you depend on to take contaminants from the water you will drink, it might be better to spend a bit more on a known brand.

There are no reviews on Amazon for this product, but to be fair, the Mimill calls itself a 2020 upgraded version.

However, we are already in 2023, with no reviews on Amazon. It also makes us wonder if the upgraded version is less than $25, what did it replace?

 To be fair, here is what the Mimill says about its product:

Contaminants Removed

It is made from food-grade stainless steel. The advanced faucet filtration system will reduce 70 different pollutants and remove odors.

The activated carbon fiber filter has been upgraded to reduce lead, fluoride, and other pollutants.

The filter is a 0.5-micron filter to help filter contaminants yet retain beneficial minerals.

Filter Replacement

According to the information Mimill provided for its product, a filter is included with the filtration system.

However, it does not state how often the filter will need to be replaced or how many gallons of water you can expect to use before replacing the filter.

The water filtration system can be installed on a standard faucet and allows a bypass valve for unfiltered water.

But beware, in looking on Amazon, I was unable to find a replacement filter for this product.

9. Waterdrop Faucet Water Filter

Editor Comments:

Our preference is for the faucet water filtration systems that employ a food-grade stainless steel housing as the Waterdrop does.

However, there is a concern that a heavier faucet filtration system will put a strain on the faucet itself.

Units that are made from plastic will tout their lighter weight as an advantage.

Understanding how a faucet connects to a sink will alleviate those concerns.

The faucet itself is connected in such a fashion as to be steady and sturdy enough to hold a stainless steel filtration system.

The faucet itself gains its strength from the sink it is attached to.

As most sinks are porcelain or metal, a faucet will be sturdy enough to accept a water filtration system.

Our concern with the lighter weight plastic is in the regular changing of the filter. If the system were such that you could install and forget it, that would be one thing.

But you can plan on having to exchange the filter every two months on average, and so there is the opportunity to drop the unit (like I do).

Plastic will not hold up as well to any abuse where stainless steel is more forgiving.

Another factor to consider with plastic is the possibility of cross-threading when replacing the filter. If that happens, the unit will be rendered inoperable.

Contaminants Removed

With a five-layer filtration system, the Waterdrop uses activated carbon fiber (ACF) to effectively filter over 70 contaminants from the water coming into your tap.

The Waterdrop will reduce 99% of lead, chlorine, and fluoride. You can also expect the filter to reduce dirt, rust, sand, and other pollutants from your water.

The ACF filter will inhibit bacterial growth in the filter itself and improve the taste of the filtered water.

Filter Replacement

Easy to install on a standard faucet, the filter cartridge will deliver filtered water for about 300 gallons of water.

For an average family, you can expect to replace the filter every two to three months.

When replacing the filter, let the water run through the new replacement for at least one minute before using the filtered water.

The Waterdrop filters are alcohol-sterilized before they leave the factory. Running water through the filter for a minute or two will clear out the alcohol. Use the Waterdrop page on Amazon to order replacement filters.

Final Thoughts

For those of us who can’t, for whatever reason, put in an extensive filtration system, a faucet water filtration system is perfect for improving the quality of the water you need to ingest every day.

The systems we reviewed are reasonably priced and easy to install.

Having your own filtration system to rely on is a beautiful thing as it will eliminate your dependence on purchasing, lugging, and storing bottled water.

There is another crucial factor to consider.

If you use your faucet filtration system to supply you with 200 gallons of filtered water in your reusable water container, you will keep 1500 individual-size plastic bottles out of the landfill.

That in itself is reason enough to install a water faucet filtration system.

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