Watts Pure 531411 RO 4 Stage System Review

I recently got serious about getting clean water. Our municipality water tastes really bad, and I realized that I was spending way too much money on bottled water. I, therefore, turned to water purification systems, specifically RO systems.

This was after I read up on these issues on the internet, which made me come to the understanding that only RO systems can consistently deliver 99% purified water.

I settled on the Pure 531411 systems for some reasons for some reasons including cost and features which I will get into below.

I probably haven’t been using the system long enough to have an opinion that counts for something, but still the little I have been able to find out should be able to help someone.

Easy Installation

What you will notice straight away with this device is how easy it is to install everything if you just follow instructions. There’s manual in print form, and then another in PDF format.

The PDF is probably better because it is colored. The tubes also have different colors for different parts of the system leaving no chance of confusion. I was working alone and took a little less than one hour to set everything up.

Efficient Filter Change

I haven’t yet gotten to change my filters because the recommended period is six months. When the time comes, however, the manual makes the whole process very easy.

There are auto shut-off valves at each filter head hence no need to shut down the whole system to change filters. Each filter can be removed independently without waiting for the system to depressurize.

Watts Pure 531411 Review

Designer Faucet

The one thing that looks excellent with this system is the faucet. It is specifically designed for the system.

Common faucet problems such as leakages and contamination due to the material used on the faucet aren’t issues at all with this purifier. The faucet is chrome plated, and its design perfected to eliminate chances of leakages.

Plastic Storage Tank

The system comes with a plastic storage tank which I think is much better than a metallic tank because metallic tanks are apt to contaminate the water. It is also easier to fix problems with plastic tanks compared to metallic tanks.

50 Gallon Per Day Membrane

The semi-permeable membrane in the system does the main filtration work. It is fitted to purify at most fifty gallons in one day, quite an impressive figure is given that this is a four-star system.

It also does its filtering work well, taking out all contaminants before the water gets to post filtration.

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  • Standard chrome faucet reduces leakages.
  • Extra set of filters provided for when filter changes are needed.
  • Extremely easy push button filter change
  • Color coded tubing for easy installation
  • Auto shut off mechanism for filter changing.


  • The plastic tank might affect the taste of water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this system offer UV light filtration?

A: Unfortunately UV filtration isn’t enabled in this purifier. It was also a great sticking point for me at first, but I got used to it.

Q: How long can the RO membrane last.

A: While the pre-filters require changing every twelve months, the semi-permeable membrane should last two to three years.

Q: Can it cater for ice making?

A: Yes, a connection can be made to the fridge for your ice.

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Final Verdict

It is a basic system with no bells and whistles. Enjoy healthy water with one of the best water purifies on the market.

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