Watts Premier 521934 Six Stage To System Review

Water purifiers have become essential pieces of machinery in this day and age. As a result, a lot of effort must be put into a decision being made to purchase one.

I found myself in such a situation recently- i.e. needing a new water purifier because the old one had served its time, which is how I became acquainted with the new Watts Premier system.

What first drew me to this product was the sleek design. Though the external beauty doesn’t always reflect the performance, this product is a high performer, and I love it all the way. It comes with a manual which acts as an installation guide.

The process of installation is not that hard and can be cracked even if you have half a decent brain. Following every step in the manual dutifully should have you set up your system in a jiffy and immediately begin enjoying the tasty purified water.

The Watts Premier 521934 system features a couple of innovations that make the water purification process smooth and ensure an end product that’s high quality.

Double Filtration System

Another factor that caught my attention when I was deciding on whether to buy this water purifier was the double membranes. Now, what you get with most purifiers is a one 150 GPD membrane.

One filter is good, but it isn’t as good as two which is what this purifier boasts of. Instead of one 150, it has 2 75 GPD each membranes translating to faster purification times and a more continuous flow of water.Watts Premier 521934 review

Watts Premier 521934 reviewWatts Premier 521934 review6-Stage Filtration

The Watts Premier 521934 purifier takes your water through six stages of purification before it is handed to you. I tried to read up a bit on this to familiarize myself with what I was buying and got the following basics.

There’s a sediment filter, to begin with. Then there are two chlorine filters followed by the double membrane system I talked about earlier which is the heart of the system, then a final post filter.

4-Gallon Storage Tank

I was curious to find out how much storage the Watts Premier has. It’s always a good thing if a purifying system has an adequate capacity so that you can always be assured of a regular supply of water.

To this end, there is no disappointment at all. A 4-gallon storage tank comes as part of the package, providing more than enough capacity for all your water uses.

Automatic Shut Off

Once the storage tank is full, after the water has been purified that is, there is an automatic shut-off valve that prevents any more water from following into the purification chamber. Hence, there is no chance of an overflow and wastage of water.

Durable Design

The design was clearly top of the agenda with the guys at Watts Premier. The mounting system bracket is heavy-duty. Durability, therefore, is guaranteed.

There is no chance of the system not holding up under pressure. I’ve had this purifier for quite some time now, and I’m always surprised at how well it has survived.

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  • Double membrane instead of a single one for better filtration
  • Way cheaper than other brands of purifiers
  • Sufficiently big storage tank with a capacity of 4 gallons
  • Automatic shut off when the storage tank gets filled up
  • Can be fitted under the sink


  • Doesn’t offer UV filtration which would have ensured a higher level of purity

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can this system also be used to purify water for hydroponics?

A: The answer is yes. The Watts system can also be used to provide water for hydroponics and aquatic tanks and most other water-intensive applications. The water is guaranteed to be safe.

Q: What is the maximum feed pressure of this purifier?

A: The purifier will be able to handle pressures up to 150 psi comfortably

Q: How does it deal with hard water?

A: It can deal with hard water but requires that the hardness not exceeds 10 grains per gallon.

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Final Verdict:

As a proud owner of Watts Premier 521934, I would highly recommend it to anyone who is on the lookout for water purification systems. It can serve a family, but it can also be used in corporate environments.

The price is another feather in its cap, but what sets it apart is the double filtration system. Get one for yourself today; you will not be disappointed.

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