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Top 10 Water Filters Made in the USA

Water filters made in the USA

You can encourage a healthy American economy by buying from the top 10 water filters made in the USA. As someone would say: “Hydrate With Clean Water Provided by Made In The USA Products”. PRODUCT PREVIEW CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON…

Best 2023 Whole House Water Softener

Whole house water filter system

WATER QUALITY AND HARDNESS Does it make any difference if you would use the best 2023 whole house water softener on the market? You are reading this because you want to make a decision regarding your hard water, right? We’ll…

APEC RO-90 Review


My previous water purifier was APEC-90 and I only changed brands because I wanted to try something smaller after my grandchildren moved out. It seems I’m about to buy another APEC-90 to replace my current machine now that my grandchildren…