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Watts Pure 531411 RO 4 Stage System Review

I recently got serious about getting clean water. Our municipality water tastes really bad, and I realized that I was spending way too much money on bottled water. I, therefore, turned to water purification systems, specifically RO systems. This was after I read up on these issues on the internet, which made me come to […]

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Watts Premier 521934 Six Stage To System Review

Water purifiers have become essential pieces of machinery in this day and age. As a result, a lot of effort must be put into a decision being made to purchase one. I found myself in such a situation recently- i.e. needing a new water purifier because the old one had served its time, which is […]

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Ispring RCC7 Review

My eldest son is an electronic engineer, and so he is well conversant with almost every electronic device you can think of.  Last summer, he decided to bring us a brand new Ispring RCC7. He had heard that we were having a problem with our water filtration system, and he wanted us to have something […]

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Hydrotech 4VTFC50G Review

The Hydrotech 4VTFC50G water purifier is a smart piece of equipment with color-coded tubing for easy installation, a standard chrome faucet tap, a thin film composite membrane, and allowance for higher flows to avoid any inconveniences. I recently had the good luck of getting a close and personal experience with one of these, and I […]

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APEC Water Systems ROES-PH75 Review

If you are searching for an RO system that offers fresh odorless water for all sorts of uses around the house, then look no further than the PH75. A friend recommended this system to me when my previous one broke down, and I’ve never desired anything else since I bought it a few months ago. […]

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Apec Roes-50 Review

Water is life, but fresh, great tasting water for drinking is much more than just water.We use a lot of water in our everyday lives. To keep you and your family healthy, you need clean water that is perfect not only for drinking but also for cooking and making delicious tea, coffee, and even ice. […]

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