Best Reverse Osmosis System For Your Home

Best Reverse Osmosis System For Your Home

If you are looking for the best reverse osmosis system for your home, you are where you should be.

But first, let’s talk about the process of reverse osmosis.

The reverse osmosis process became popular about 70 years ago when some scientists from the University of California tried to desalinate seawater using semipermeable membranes. In the mid-1950s they’ve successfully produced freshwater from seawater.

The process did not consume energy so it was worth looking into ways to make it commercially viable.

Today, the reverse osmosis process is easily made and it guarantees a high quality of water at a low cost.

Things to consider when buying reverse osmosis systems for homes

Performance factors

When analyzing the performance of reverse osmosis systems, there are four important factors to take into consideration i.e. the incoming water pressure, the operating temperature, the TDS (total dissolved solids) number and the quality of water filters and membranes being used.

A higher net pressure, higher TDS, and higher temperature at the layers lead to higher production.

Reverse osmosis systems apply the use of some filters and membranes, the pre-filters whose purpose is to remove larger particles like sediments and sand.

The pre-filters and carbon which remove chlorine provide one basis upon which the performance of a reverse osmosis system is dependent.

The heart of the reverse osmosis system lies at the osmosis membrane with the spiral wound being the most common which is available in two options depending on whether the water is chlorinated or not; the CTA is chlorine tolerant whereas TFC is not. However, most systems make use of TFCs.

Water supply portability

Before purchasing reverse osmosis systems, it is crucial that one determine how bacteriologically safe the water is.

In essence, the water that is to be passed through the reverse osmosis systems ought to have undergone some form of pre-treatment to remove some impurities such as sulfides and iron before going through reverse osmosis.

Water acidity

On average drinking water should have a PH lying between 6.9 and 7.5 below this then it becomes too acidic and would effectively corrode metal parts of the reverse osmosis systems hence it is important to have a clue on the PH levels of the supply water.

Booster pumps

Booster pumps are always not necessary however if the temperature of the water is too low if the TDS number is above 1000 and the inlet supply pressure is less than 50psi then a booster pump is necessary to guarantee high quality.

TDS levels

Safe drinking water should have less than 500 as the TDS number. Wells has a TDS number of between 1000 and 5000 while that from the sea is greater than 40000. Other considerations are;

  • If the water is chlorinated or not
  • The price
  • Daily requirement
Pure water, drop of water

Recommended best reverse osmosis system for home use

As you consider acquiring your reverse osmosis system, consider the following reviewed systems.

1. 5 Stage Home Drinking Reverse Osmosis System

Water Filter System with filters and faucet

Editor Rating:

This system, first of all, has the confidence of a reputable manufacturer. The system is equipped with a large membrane that will guarantee you 75 gallons of clean, safe water per day.

The membrane equally has a long life span which means a higher delivery for longer.

The system has a 30 day trial period for the customer to test the quality and if dissatisfied he can return the system and consequently get a refund not forgetting the one year warranty and lifetime support from the company.


Additionally, the system comes with optional accessories at an extra cost such as a water detector, an automated shut-off valve and an adapter for the feed water.

Additional features

The manufacturer made the system more attractive by making it upgradable and customizable on top of delivering on its core mandate, that notwithstanding the system has so many do it yourself videos available on YouTube to help you in assembling it once you have purchased

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2. APEC Water Systems ROES-PH75 Top Tier

APEC Water System

Editor Rating:

If you are an American occupant, and you want a system whose manufacturers understand your environment and therefore the pollutants, then APEC Water Systems ROES-PH75 Top Tier system is your peer in getting that trusted sip water.

Built entirely from scratch in the USA, the manufacturers have included a technology that removes up to 99% of impurities from the feed including chlorine, arsenic, bacteria, and viruses.


The filters that come with it are long-lasting and can treat water from the tap or the well attaining a quality superior to bottled water.

After-sale service and customer care

With this system, you are guaranteed lifetime support from the manufacturer on top of a one year warranty covering workmanship giving you utmost confidence as you utilize this system.

Accessories and additional features

The system is quick to assemble and therefore provides you with the “plug and play” experience once you buy. It comes with a 100% lead-free faucet to give you pure lead-free safe water.

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3. iSpring RCC7AK Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis system with additional faucet

Editor Rating:

This RO delivers not only top-notch water quality but also tries to save your money Vis a Vis the features it offers.

The system is a hundred percent built in the USA, and it guarantees you 99% removal of pollutants including microorganisms and pharmaceuticals.


Its parts are WET and NSF certified to ensure the highest quality standards; equally, the large membrane offers you 75 gallons per day giving you not only quality but quantity as well.

A video on how to assemble the system is available on YouTube making that task a downhill experience. Its Brushed Nickel faucet has the capability to reject more than 1000 thousand different kinds of pollutants. Additionally, the system has an alkaline/mineral 6th stage.

After-sale service and customer care

On top of the quality features available, the manufacturer offers 30 days money-back guarantee on the purchase on top a one year warranty not forgetting lifetime support to the customer to give a stress-free throughout your experience with the system.

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4. Express Water 6 Stage UV Ultra-Violet Sterilizer Reverse Osmosis

Editor Rating:

This RO is unique in the sense that it makes use of UV radiation to destroy and disinfect the feed from taps and wells giving you 99% effectiveness in pollutant removal.

It removes lead, odor, and chromium defects. Materials have been tested and certified by WQA and FDA,


The system comprises six stages with durable, efficient and reliable filters which result in utmost pure, sustainable water.

Finally, the water is sterilized using UV light which is the most reliable all-time technology. Its robust and sleek design using industry-standard size compact filters gives you high-end system superior in every sense.

Control system

The system is free from noise, clogs, and leaks thus offering great peace of mind during operation.

Pros and cons

The system is fully scalable and upgradeable. It is very easy to install. “Do it yourself videos” are also available, so there is no excuse in the process of assembly of the system. The six stages of filtration eliminate all pollutants and assure ultra-clean and ultra-safe drinking water.

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5. EXPRESS WATER – 100GPD Reverse Osmosis

.Express Water 6 Stage UV Ultra-Violet Sterilizer Reverse Osmosis system

Editor Rating:

Same as the other ROs in the same category this American built RO also has advanced pollutants.

Removal with its rating being 99% its six stages provide the best that one would demand from an RO.

Features and Dimensions

GAC activated filters incorporated in the system were one of the best filters on the market which depended on an excellent removal of pollutants like tastes of organic decent and bad odors.

The polishing filters are one other unique feature of this system; they have the rare ability to stabilize the tasting qualities and further bad odor abstraction.

Its final stage does ionization and mineral extraction through the process of ion exchange softening your hard water.

The system weighs about 31 pounds, and it measures 19 x 18 x 19 inches. Its faucets are safe for human use and on top of that, they have WQA and NSF certification, which arises not only from their world-class quality but also their ability to remove heavy metals such lead.

After-sale service and customer care

Under their customer service, they have not done anything new that other manufacturers have offered so far; they offer a year warranty, 30 days money-back guarantee and lifetime support.

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Final Verdict

In conclusion, healthful living has been what everyone is clamoring for not only to keep diseases at bay but also to protect our environment, in this regard.

Therefore, you should look for the best reverse osmosis systems for your home.

The system has provided a cost-effective to obtain the highest quality of water.

The reverse osmosis system has not only impacted positively in households to provide safe drinking water; but also in areas such wastewater treatment, in the food industry to thicken food liquids such as juices, in car washes to treat hard water as it causes spots on cars and finally aquariums it has been applied to remove heavy metals as well as chlorine.

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