Best Whole House Water Filters

Best Whole House Water Filters Reviews & Guides

There is always the best product in each category or product types. That is the same with whole house water filters.Buying the best is always a challenging task that requires an extensive research or experience to know what exactly to look for.

I’ve come across a variety of these products, and sometimes I wonder how some of them ended up in the market in the first place.There are many substandard whole house water filters that you should be careful not to buy. There are plenty of incredible whole house water filter systems. Once you know what to buy, everything else will follow.

Things to Consider When Buying The Best Whole House Water Filters

If you want to install the best whole house filters, here are some top quality things that should always be on your mind.

What It Removes From Water

Before you can indulge in the selection of the best whole house water filter, you must first find out what is in your water that you’d want to do away with. What are you looking to remove?

That is when you can look for the right machine to remove these elements or impurities. Different whole house water filters remove different amount of impurities. Test your water to know the contaminants present, then buy what best removes the contaminants.

Filtration Method

These machines work differently. There are three common filtration methods from which you can choose from; carbon filter, reverse osmosis, and distillation. Carbon filters work by trapping the contaminants present in water in the pores of positively charged highly absorbent filters.

Reverse osmosis system functions by reversing the natural flow of water and passes water through a semi-permeable membrane. Distillation heats water to boiling point and collects the vapor. The method you find most effective should guide you into buying the right machine.


Once you have bought your whole house water filter, maintenance will be required sooner or later. Some machines require regular maintenance than others, while some are more difficult to maintain.

Most of these machines will need you to change the filters, keep everything clean and running, and check it up regularly. The easier it is to maintain the better. Some filters are difficult to access, making maintenance and cleaning difficult. The cost of maintaining the system is also very important.

Amount of Filtered Water

It all depends on with the size of the family or people served by this system. The amount of water needed should determine the size of whole house water filters to be used.

There are different filters for different amounts of water, and you must know what base of users the filter system should serve. This will save you from ending up with the wrong size of whole house water filter, or spending on the unnecessary machine.

Best Whole House Water Filters Reviews & Guides

Recommended Best Whole House Water Filters

Water filters that come to help with filtration of water over the whole house provide clean water in all areas of the house from the bathroom to the kitchen and many other places.

These systems are usually larger than your average system, so it is important to find the perfect one for you. The five below all have excellent quality is and choosing from them should do a user good.

1. Aquasana EQ-600-AMZN Whole House

Aquasana EQ-600-AMZN Whole House

Editor Rating:

This is one of the premier whole-house systems.

It is a detailed system, but all this complexity is hidden from sight, and a user is allowed an easy interface to use. Its features are:

Perfect Chlorine Removal

Chlorine is one of the main culprits responsible for water contamination. It is a deadly poison that in high concentration can cause sickness as well as imparting a bad taste in water. This is why this system deals well with chlorine to ensure the water you get is pure.


The system offers excellent pre-filters which work on the water before it gets to the actual filtration stage. The ore filtration stage is where things such as sediments are dealt with perfectly.

Doesn’t Require Electricity

This system is completely reliant on electricity. It runs on its power and won’t waste your power. It will save on your bills but still will be able to provide the best water for you.

Great-Tasting Water

This system is well equipped to filter your water, but it doesn’t filter out all the essential nutrients like magnesium and calcium. They are left in the water to improve the taste as water without these nutrients tastes bland.

2. HydroCare HC-300X Iron Well Water Filtration

HydroCare HC-300X Iron Well Water Filtration

Editor Rating:

This is an advanced system that offers the highest quality service and the best filtration into the business.

It is ideal for a medium-sized house and will offer all filtration services for the duration of its existence. It has many features including:

3 Stage Filtration

The system relies on three powerful stages to provide the most quality filtration. Filtration that takes three stages removes all undesirable elements from the water so that both taste and quality of water are assured.

Removes Large Quantities Of Contaminants

The system is well equipped to remove all amounts of dirt. This is certified, and the result is well-filtered water that tastes great and has all the desirable minerals without the hazards such as lead.

No Electricity Required

To run the system, no electricity is required. The system is fully equipped to be able to filter water without the need of external energy. The filters function on their own in a manual non-invasive manner. This is one of the best advantages of this system.

Easy Installation

For all its complexity and size this system is very easy to install and use. This makes it an acceptable system to have in the house. It will occupy the least of spaces and will serve you faithfully.

3. iSpring WKB32B Water Filtration System

Editor Rating:

This system is appropriately named as it uses these stages to provide quality filtration and ensure that your water still great tastes.

It is easy to install and comes with features to rival most other like systems in the market.

TDS Tester

TDS refers to some dissolved substances in the water. A quality water filter works to remove all these dissolved solids to ensure clean water. This system has a TDS tester which indicates the level of these dissolved salts, and therefore can be used to gauge how effective the filters of the system are.

Active Carbon Filter

The filter in this system is a quality carbon filter that ensures all sediments are ejected before the water proceeds to the main filter. Cleaning water off sediments is a vital step in filtration.

NFS Certified Filter Housing

Comes with a quality filter housing that ensures all water flow is well regulated. There will be no instances of slow flown or blocked flow because of the well-built filter housing that is quality and reliable.

Improved Flow Rate

Another factor that enhances flow rates is the presence of jumbo that exists differently from the other filters in the system. These make sure that water flow through the system is not slow or interfered with in any way.

4. Home Master HMF2SMGCC Filtration System

Home Master HMF2SMGCC Whole House Two Stage Water Filtration System

Editor Rating:

This is one of the best water treatment systems out there.

It has been in production for some years now, and there is nothing but good to say about it. Any prospective buyer should check out its features and qualities.

Massive Filter Housing

The filter housing is an important aspect of any water filtration system. Filter housing determines how much water is allowed into the system to be filtered at a time. Bigger filter housing results in more water going through. This is, of course, the desired outcome and here it is truly perfected.

Excellent Purification

The purification levels of this system are top notch leading to the production of lure water without any blemishes. A user will fully appreciate the attention to detail that has been put into the design.

Sediment Filtration

Sediment filtration is the removal of solid particles of dirt before the system deals with the dissolved solids. This system provides excellent solid filtration for extra pure water and to give the real filtration system an easy time while filtering the dissolved solids.

Reduced Maintenance Frequency

Because it is so well designed, the need for maintenance and upgrades is greatly diminished. The system can run for a whole year without requiring change or upgrading of any kind. It is, therefore, a very reliable system to have.

Final Verdict

Now you know which whole house water filters is good. From the machines mentioned above, you can get something great for your house. I have researched on them enough to know their strengths and weaknesses.

Besides, I have used each and every one of these machines, and I can tell you that you’d be lucky to have any of them in your house. Your selection will now depend on the size, speed and amount of water you want to be filtered for you.

Buy any of these machines and you’ll always have clean, great-tasting water to drink. Don’t be cowed into buying the whole house water filter.

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