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Best Water Filter Pitchers Reviews & Guides



MAVEA Elemaris XL 9

ZeroWater ZP-010

If you care about your health, you’ll seek to improve the quality of your water. Most of the water we use contains lots of contaminants.

You should think twice before using unfiltered water. Exposing yourself to diseases without even knowing is something to avoid. Water filter pitchers can improve the quality of the water you use. The main problem comes during the buying of these machines.

When you don’t know what to check or which water filter pitcher to buy, then it is better you don’t buy at all. This review will guide you through the selection process and give you some of the best products in this category.

Things To Consider When Selecting The Best Water Filter Pitchers

Taking into consideration the following points will put you at the upper hand of getting a desirable product. Remember to check the following things before buying the best water filter pitcher.


There have been lots of complaints that water filter pitchers are slow. You can, however, choose them based on their speed. The faster the water filter pitcher the better.

No one wants to wait for water for hours before it collects to the right amount. So before you spend your money on that water filter pitcher, make sure it functions at a reasonable speed. Something that can filter your water in a matter of seconds when you are thirsty.


Another very important feature that needs consideration is capacity. What amount of water can your water filter pitcher hold? Water filter pitchers have up to18 cup capacity.

The capacity that you’ll go for will be determined by some factors including the size of your family. If you have more people to use filtered water, then you will need a machine with a bigger capacity. It shouldn’t be too large when you are only alone in your house.

Contaminants Removed

You need to find out the number of contaminants and impurities a water filter pitcher removes. Not all of these products can remove every single impurity from your water.

So, you should first confirm the kinds of pollutants, solvents, and impurities present in the water you use, the find the best machine to tackle them in the perfect way possible. The more it can remove the better.

Space-Saving Design

Some water filter pitchers are huge for no reason. Consider buying a product with a thoughtful design that can save space. We know how much space is vital in our houses.

If it takes so much space for no reason, then it isn’t the best machine. There are lots of space-conscious designs from which you can choose what best suits your style and pockets.

So don’t be quick to equate size with capacity. There are many water filter pitchers that large capacity and smaller design.

Best Water Filter Pitchers

Recommended Best Water Filter Pitchers

The best water filter pitchers contain certain features that keep them apart from the others.

Below we will run through the five best water filter pitchers and entirely analyze them to see what makes them stand out and why they are all so highly recommended. Picking one of them would not be a mistake at all.

PUR Cup Water Filtration Pitcher with LEAD Reduction Filter

Editor Rating:

Dispensers are used to release water from a place where it is kept for use.

They are very important pieces of equipment, and this particular one is one of the best in the market. It has a host of features including:

Includes A Filter

This isn’t just an ordinary water dispenser. It also does feature a filter. This means that it filters the water before it is brought to you for the perfect taste and purity. With this dispenser, there is no more chance of getting dirty water.

Narrow, Sleek Design

The dispenser is made in such a way that it is extremely narrow and sleek. This is so that it can fit into small spaces without causing inconvenience in the house. With this filter, users can enjoy the best water without worrying about how the dispenser will for into his house for space is not an issue at all.

Filter Gauge

The filter comes with a gauge. A gauge is some measuring device that informs the user of when the filter is worn out and needs changing. This is important as some of the time the user is too busy to notice that any changes are needed with the filter.


For easy handling, the device comes with side handles that provide balance and support while the device is being carried or transported. This is important as it prevents the device from falling and getting damaged.

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Brita Everyday Water Filter Pitcher

Editor Rating:

Brita has some water purifying devices in the market, but they also have managed to make a useful Pitcher that should be used in conjunction with all the water filters available.

It has some features including:

10 Cup Water Filtration

To enhance and, therefore, make the device more efficient, there is included the presence of a ten cup filtration system that gives only the best water and removes all impurities and other associated pollutants.

Environmentally Friendly

The device is made using safe materials that will not harm the environment, making it one of the best systems to use. Also, the user of this system to purify water saves a user the purchasing of water from plastic bottles. In this way, it contributes to the saving of the environment.

Chlorine Taste Reduction

Chlorine gives water an unpleasant taste as well as smell. It is however sadly present in all public water systems meaning that a user cannot escape from it. The best way to prevent this poison is with a purification system like this one. Chlorine will be entirely banished from your water.

Filter Change Indicator

Whenever the old filter of this device is used up or needs replacing for any reason, the device has means of notifying the owner so that they can act in the best way as quickly as possible

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MAVEA 1001126/ Elemaris XL9-Cup Water Filtration Pitcher

Editor Rating:

This awesomely named piece of equipment works wonderfully as both a pitcher and also as a filter.

It is awesomely designed and comes loaded with the reputation of its parent company to great effect. It will produce the best Drinkwater available.

Different Sizes And Colors

To aid in versatility and differentiation, the product comes in a variety of sizes and colors. A user can, therefore, choose the color that suits him or her best and go with it.

BPA Free

The product is environmentally conscious. BPA is not to be found anywhere or in any component. This ensures that the device protects the environment easily and is available to use under any circumstances.

MAVEA Matrix Filtration

This device features a filter as well. It is important to have a pitcher, but a pitcher with a filter is a much more powerful piece of equipment. The filter being used here is a quality MAVEA matrix filter in-house made for extra filtration capacity and cleaned water.

Easy To Use

The device is unsurprisingly very easy to use. It is easy to set up and to get to function. Users will enjoy this simplicity and also the fact that the Pitcher will provide quality water.

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ZeroWater ZP-010 10-Cup Pitcher

Editor Rating:

This is one of the best pitchers in the market and can be used for some purposes.

It includes filtering for the best water from a pitcher that one can ever dream of. It has some features which we will get into below.

Filters Lead And Chromium

Lead and chromium are notorious elements. They are known for the worst reasons including the causing of cancers and slow development in children. It is unfortunately almost impossible to filter out lead completely from pubic systems. That is why this filter deals exclusively with lead to rid your system completely of it.

5-Stage Filtration

It features extensive five-stage filtration for the best water in the business. It is unlike other filters that offer at best these stages of filtration. Water quality is therefore top-notch.

Filter Change Alert

The device is made with a filter change alert that informs the user of when the device filter is bad and needs replacement. This is a handy alert to have.

Space-Saving Design

The product aims to take up as little space as possible. This makes it ideal for fitting into little spaces, and it will function just as well even in constricted spaces.

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Final Verdict

Stay healthy with these water filter pitchers. They are professionally selected after a series of thorough research and testing.

To add to all that, I have used some of these products on one occasion or the other, and I can say that they are the best. They will give you clean water that also tastes fantastic. The performance of these products will impress you from the first moment you put it on.

You will stop worrying about your drinking water the moment you buy and install any of them in your home.

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